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Thermal Auricular Therapy

Also popularly known as ear-candling, thermal auricular therapy is an ancient treatment developed by the American natives to aid relaxation and help provide relief from ear, nose and throat associated problems and conditions. Thermal Auricular Therapy is a pleasant and painless procedure that provides a relaxing effect. Ear candle consists of a cone of cloth waxed with natural ingredients including propolis, essential oils (mint, lavender, eucalyptus), silver fir essence and herbs, and are processed using a special compacting technology. The candles provide a thermal effect and operate on a chimney principle to draw out impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. This procedure helps to remove ear earwax and improve micro-circulation. After consultation and preparation, the client lays on the massage table and the candle is carefully inserted into the ear and lit (the overall burn-time is about 9-11 minutes). When the candle is finished, it is carefully removed from an ear and the area is treated and cleaned. The operation is repeated on the other ear and then the procedure is finished by a gentle face massage that ensures better blood circulation and energy flush.  
Price: $40
Duration: 1 hour

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