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Therapeutic Massage - Le Centre de Santé Renaissance

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is an ancient form of relaxation that many people are drawn to instinctively. Because of its ability to neutralize impacts of stress on the body, massage is an increasingly popular wellness service pursued for its naturally achieved health benefits. Massage is a physical procedure, but it also has a psychological and spiritual impact. The fast paced and high-stress conditions of modern life render massage particularly necessary. People often forget about what their bodies need for optimal functioning. If the necessary relaxation cannot be achieved, stress hormones do destructive work that can often result in anxiety, nervousness and immune systems failures. Under such stresses, our body becomes defenceless against viruses and bacteria and we become increasingly susceptible to any disease. So why should we get ill if there is a possible way to prevent it? The capacity for renewal is innate. Massage can quickly revitalize the body's ability to restore itself by influencing important organs, replenishing the body with calm energy, banishing negative thoughts and encouraging both physical and mental well being.  
Price: $80
Duration: 1 hour

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