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Swedish Massage - Le Centre de Santé Renaissance

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a popular therapy based on Western conceptions of anatomy and physiology. In essence, this massage reduces physical and emotional stress by relaxing muscles, stimulating the skin and activating the nervous system. The therapist performs various movements including kneads, strokes, stretches and taps. Through the application of deep pressure, muscles are warmed to release tension and gradually release the "knots" or adhered tissues called adhesions. Rubbing concurrently with the body's circulation towards the heart enhances oxygen flow in blood and helps to rid of toxins in the muscles. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, but it helps flush tissues of metabolic wastes and acids. Aside from increasing circulation to the heart, Swedish massage stretches ligaments and tendons so they become more flexible, resulting in long-lasting invigorating and mobilizing effects on the body.  
Price: $80
Duration: 1 hour

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