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Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a time of dynamic physical and emotional change. Transformation is a natural and positive hallmark of pregnancy as the body adapts to accommodate new life, but the changes can also put strong demands on your body. Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort during this time. Common pregnancy-related physical discomforts can add to maternal stress levels. Nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, swelling and backaches can make pregnancy worrisome and lead to stress-induced problems including sleeplessness, anxiety and headaches. Long-term exposure to stress can potentially result in serious health problems such as suppressed maternal immune function and high blood pressure. Specialized prenatal massage alleviates aches and pains caused by the extreme weight and shift in the center of gravity to the body while reducing swelling, soothing the nervous system, increasing blood circulation, boosting energy and lessening fatigue. It can also relieve back pain, improve sleep and mood, decrease stress and reduce labour complications. Prenatal massage patients are supported with pillows and cushions during treatment and may even find themselves lying face down for the first time in a while. In later stages of pregnancy, complete massages are administered comfortably supported in a side-lying position and upper body massages in a sitting up position.  
Price: $50
Duration: 1 hour

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