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Ionic Foot Bath - Le Centre de Santé Renaissance Montréal

Ionic Foot Bath

The well being of a human body depends largely on the state of its electrons. The normal state is characterized by a distribution of 20% positive electrons and 80% negative electrons, but this balance can be thrown askew by less than ideal conditions of modern life, namely constant stress and poor diet, which leads the body to accumulate harmful substances including poisons, toxins and wastes. An Ion Spa can help to restore the natural ratio of ionic distribution. The purification is performed through contact of your legs with the ions of water. The machine generates a negative potential field in the water, which travels to the body in order to reactivate recharge and restore bodily ions. As a result, vital energy is increased and enzyme action is activated as toxins and other harmful substances are easily removed from your body. The ionization process is similar to the revitalizing experience that occurs during walks in woods, across mountains or by rivers, waterfalls or seasides. Purification happens literally before your eyes, as the water in the pan changes in color and smell. During the ionizing process, the body absorbs millions of negatively charged ions that alkalize the blood and tissue and your body quickly gets rid of the waste collected during many years. During this procedure, the water in a pan changes its color and smell. This treatment is especially useful for those whose activity is connected with constant psychological tension or a polluted environment.

Ionic Detox Benefits

  • Ensures better provision of the oxygen to the brain
  • Improves sleep quality and depth
  • Enhances brain activity and performance
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Increases oxygen content in blood
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Provides sensation of lightness and bodily freedom
Price: $40
Duration: 30 minutes

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