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Happy Fish - Garra Rufa - Le Centre de Santé Renaissance Montréal

Happy Fish - Garra Rufa

Garra Rufa fish are found in hot springs at temperatures ranging from 38-41 °C. Happy Fish - Garra Rufa pedicure was initially used for health and Spa procedures in Japanese, Malaysian and Chinese massage salons. The essence of the procedure is that the fish pluck dead skin from feet. Heels and other parts of the foot enter the fish pools covered in a layer of coarse dead skin and emerge soft and smooth, perfectly clean and rejuvenated. According to ancient legend, two explorative Chinese brothers found a hot spring. One decided to soak his feet in the water, where unknown fish no bigger than 3 cm were swimming. The strange and friendly creatures began to pleasantly pinch the skin of the young man until his legs became as soft as baby skin. That spring has since then became a pilgrimage site of natural rejuvenation for locals and visitors from distant lands. Fish peeling is a miraculous way of rejuvenating the skin and a great way to extend and preserve the beauty of youth naturally. At the salon, tired feet are lowered into an aquarium where hundreds of tiny fish cosmetologists skilfully and enthusiastically administer a combined massage procedure that improves blood circulation while servicing the cosmetic benefits of a pedicure. The fish have no teeth and don't bite. Instead, they use their mouth to gently and effectively remove only surficial dead cells to reveal underlying healthy skin. Most patients who experience this procedure experience a sensation that cannot be expressed in words. The resulting pedicure combined with the diligent work of the fishes reduces stress and tiredness to positively affect overall well being.  
Price: $40
Duration: 30 minutes

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