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Le Centre de Santé Renaissance Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Le Centre de Santé Renaissance Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Who We Are

Montreal Centre de Santé Renaissance is a Spa of relaxation, health and wellness. If you are tired of routine, frustration and constant stress or are looking for an effective way to counter the negative impact of the environment on our minds and bodies, our Spa located here in Montreal is the right place for you.

What can you expect upon a visit to our health center? Our programs and procedures are proved to be the best in the industry and we keep only the most contemporary equipment and highly-skilled professional staff. We are constantly improving upon traditional methods that were used by sultans and emperors of the ancient past while staying true to the holistic essence of traditional Spa treatments. We believe that new and progressive solutions combined with the time-proven methods of our healing ancestors provide excellent wellness services.

Upon a visit with us, you have the possibility to experience the benefits of the following highly effective and unique programs:
  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Unique "Happy Fish - Garra Rufa" pedicure treatment

  • Finnish and Infrared saunas

  • Specialized massage techniques

  • Ionic Detox Treatment (Ionic foot baths)

  • Thermal Auricular Therapy

For each of our guests we personally take the time to select the best option treatment corresponding to the individual needs of his or her body. We will do our best to ensure you emerge from our Spa renewed, filled with strength and energy.


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